Cloud technical roadmap

Get the big picture of how our technologies weave together to form the foundation of open hybrid cloud computing. This is a great way to start your Summit week, providing context and referrals to other deep-dive sessions.

Red Hat’s engineering development managers will highlight this year’s cloud roadmap. They’ll start with an overview of the key integration and deployment scenario themes and will follow that with a series of 15-minute segments, which will offer a product-by-product overview of major features and themes. Topics include:

  • Provisioning virtual images in Red Hat Satellite and how the images feed into Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and OpenStack.
  • Advancements in software-defined storage and networking, major new datacenter management capabilities, and application deployment capabilities with OpenStack.
  • High availability, performance optimizations, and OpenStack integration with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization.
  • Heterogeneous policy capabilities aimed at controlling and flexibly adapting to changing runtime needs with Red Hat CloudForms.
  • The integration work our security and identity teams implemented across cloud offerings, with the goal of consistent and strong policy enforcement.

This inaugural session is the cloud analog to the highly acclaimed “Red Hat Enterprise Linux roadmap” session.