Understanding your subscription inventory using Subscription Asset Manager

The Red Hat subscription provides value to your IT departments. Depending on how your company purchases, your IT department might have many different subscriptions with different end dates and SLAs. Your department might not know what machines are covered by which SLA or how many subscriptions are still available.

To solve these issues, we include the Subscription Asset Manager (SAM) tool with your Red Hat subscription. You can use it to track your system inventory and your subscription usage across bare-metal machines and cloud deployments. The new enhanced reporting feature gives you historical views of your data. It integrates with Red Hat Satellite 5.6 to provide a report of historical subscription consumption across both SAM and Red Hat Satellite 5.6.

This session will combine concept overview—including an overview of differences between Red Hat Satellite 5.6 and SAM—and a live demo of SAM and its integration with Red Hat Satellite 5.6. We’ll focus on new features, like enhanced reporting, and how you can apply them to solve real datacenter issues. You’ll also learn about the SAM roadmap to understand what future releases will look like.