Red Hat Satellite roadmap & demo

Red Hat Satellite was introduced in 2002 as a means to patch and provision systems and build standard operating environments. While these are still primary focuses of Red Hat Satellite today, the requirements for system management are evolving and growing increasingly complex. In this session, you’ll:

  • Get a detailed walk-through of the completely redesigned user interface, including technical insight into version 6 innovations in content management, content publishing, promotion across environments, mirroring across federated points of presence, provisioning, and configuration.
  • Learn about Red Hat Satellite 6 content views as critical constructs for enforcing strong governance in defining standard system builds, while organizing Puppet content for building layered application stacks.
  • See a demo of system management tasks to reinforce Red Hat Satellite 6 functions around automation, orchestration, observability, and reusability.
  • Hear an introduction to our  beta program.
  • Get a Red Hat Satellite 6 product roadmap.