Administer production servers effectively with OpenLMI

Linux systems often come with powerful capabilities—and steep learning curves—for system administrators. Despite progress toward automating and standardizing system management, there is still a need to customize some systems. SysAdmins need to configure complex local storage and networks with multiple NICs, manage users (both locally and using MS Active Directory or IPA), install software, manage system services, get hardware configuration, and perform a wide range of detailed tasks against a specific server.

In this session, you’ll learn how OpenLMI,the Linux Management Infrastructure program, delivers remote administration of production servers, ranging from high-end enterprise servers with complex network and storage configurations to virtual guests. We’ll discuss how OpenLMI:

  • Supports physical servers and directly manipulates storage, network, and system hardware
  • Manages and monitors virtual machine guests.
  • Includes a framework that provides a standardized remote API for system management that is built on top of existing tools and utilities.
  • Provides fine-grained control of running systems, complementing the installation, entitlement, and patching capabilities of Red Hat Satellite Server.