Hibernate OGM: Talking to NoSQL in Red Hat JBoss EAP

With new NoSQL stores arriving to the market frequently, choosing the right datastore can be a tough challenge. Each store provides its own low-level APIs, and migrating from one store to another is anything but simple.

Hibernate Object/Grid Mapper (OGM) provides easy access to NoSQL stores via the well-known Java Persistence API (JPA). Java developers who know how to use JPA also know how to access their favorite NoSQL stores.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How Hibernate OGM maps common JPA constructs to key-value, document, and graph datastores.
  • How to work with JPA on top of datastores such as Infinispan, MongoDB. and Neo4j and switch between them as a matter of configuration.
  • How to query for data using JP-QL and native queries.
  • How to use Hibernate OGM to access MongoDB on Red Hat’s PaaS, OpenShift by Red Hat.

This session is code-focused, with at least half the time spent coding and running tests in Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio. You’ll leave the session with a solid understanding of when to use (or not use) Hibernate OGM to handle everyday NoSQL challenges.