Accelerate, integrate, & automate your business

A growing number of business events and and the data associated with them are generated by modern IT applications and devices on new architectures. Open hybrid cloud architectures, big data, business processes, and mobile applications are high-growth platforms at the center of this shift. These applications must be integrated, flexible, and adaptable to constantly changing business conditions.

Red Hat offers a better way to business leadership by helping businesses build an enlightened enterprise. Using the Red Hat JBoss Middleware portfolio of application, integration, and business process management platforms, IT can build solutions that anticipate and respond to business events in real time.

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • The value of accelerating application development beyond traditional Java EE applications.
  • Integrating distributed, cloud, and mobile applications and data into automated business processes.
  • Scenarios based on real customer experiences with Red Hat JBoss Middleware products and services.

While we’ll focus on business issues and value, we’ll also address technical aspects of cloud, on-premise, mobile, and big data scenarios.