Tools worth sharing: Take back your IDE with Forge

How easily can you add your own custom tooling to your favorite integrated development environment (IDE)? JBoss Forge, a JBoss Community project, allows developers to add their own useful extensions to the tools they love and share them with others. JBoss Forge is not only a rapid application development tool, but a platform for creating reusable tools that can make you and your entire group more effective.

In this session, attendees will learn about:

  • The Forge add-on ecosystem, featuring many contributions from the JBoss and Java communities and beyond.
  • How to build an application with the Forge Core add-ons.
  • How to build an Forge add-on in 5 minutes, test it, run it in Eclipse, see it working in the command line without any changes, and embed it for re-use in a custom Java application.

After attending this session, you should feel familiar with Forge and the value it offers for rapid application development and operational efficiency improvement. You’ll also be able to use Forge to promote your own products, processes, and performance.