Red Hat Fuse Service Works: Integration recipes, best practices, & cheat codes

In this session, we’ll introduce Red Hat Fuse Service Works features using a collection of common requirements, architectural considerations, and critical decision points. You’ll gain a better understanding of:

  • Service implementation options such as Java, Camel, BPMN, and BPEL.
  • Strategies and considerations for canonical data models.
  • Increasing visibility and control of your applications with governance.
  • Isolating cross-cutting concerns such as transformation, data validation, and policy.
  • Encapsulation and granularity of application services.
  • Clustering for availability and performance.
  • Considerations for Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) environments.
  • Maximizing test coverage for applications.

This will be a hands-on session with real problems, real solutions, and several live demos.