Developer toolset: Build, run, & analyze apps on multiple Red Hat Enterprise Linux versions

As a C, C++, or Fortran developer, you want to be able to easily access and use supported versions of the latest and greatest tools, and you want to write and test your application once for deployment to multiple versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

In this session, we’ll look at features of the latest Red Hat Developer Toolset release that provide an additional, improvided set of tools than those offered in the base Red Hat Enterprise Linux releases. These tools help developers build, run, and analyze the performance of their applications for multiple major and minor versions.

You’ll learn:

  • How Red Hat Developer Toolset can be used to develop applications with the same GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) version, optionally using the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment, on multiple Red Hat Enterprise Linux releases.
  • How resulting applications can be run and their performance analyzed on multiple releases without modification, carrying special libraries or changing the operating system runtime.
  • How customers can obtain Red Hat Developer Toolset for their own application developments.
  • About some of the newer tools features available in recent releases.
  • About, at a high level, some of the technical hurdles Red Hat has overcome to create this product and their implications for developers.

This solution-focused session will appeal to all C, C++, and Fortran software developers and managers, and will include a hands-on video demonstration of Red Hat Developer Toolset in action.