How to use Red Hat solutions in a public cloud

Red Hat provides a variety of options to deploy your solutions and applications across on-premise clouds, public clouds, and hybrid IT environments. These options include programs like Red Hat Cloud Access, which let you bring your enterprise subscriptions to public clouds, and public cloud on-demand consumption models.

In this session, Red Hat’s Jane Circle and Gordon Haff will discuss best practices for moving your workloads and Red Hat products to a public cloud and operating them there. Specific topics will include:

  • Determining which workloads are suitable for running in a public cloud.
  • Choosing the right consumption and pricing model.
  • Which Red Hat products are available for public clouds.
  • How to bring your own image into a public cloud.
  • Your options for keeping your images updated.
  • Ways to maintain portability of data and applications as you move to a public cloud.
  • How and why to use a virtual private cloud (VPC).
  • The benefits you gain by choosing a Red Hat Certified Cloud.