Red Hat Storage Server administration deep dive

In this session for administrators of all skill levels, you’ll get a deep technical dive into Red Hat Storage Server and GlusterFS administration.

We’ll start with the basics of what scale-out storage is, and learn about the unique implementation of Red Hat Storage Server and its advantages over legacy and competing technologies. From the basic knowledge and design principles, we’ll move to a live start-to-finish demonstration. Your experience will include:

  • Building a cluster.
  • Allocating resources.
  • Creating and modifying volumes of different types.
  • Accessing data via multiple client protocols.
  • A resiliency demonstration.
  • Expanding and contracting volumes.
  • Implementing directory quotas.
  • Recovering from and preventing split-brain.
  • Asynchronous parallel geo-replication.
  • Behind-the-curtain views of configuration files and logs.
  • Extended attributes used by GlusterFS.
  • Performance tuning basics.
  • New and upcoming feature demonstrations.

Those new to the scale-out product will leave this session with the knowledge and confidence to set up their first Red Hat Storage Server environment. Experienced administrators will sharpen their skills and gain insights into the newest features. IT executives and managers will gain a valuable overview to help fuel the drive for next-generation infrastructures.