Maximizing RAS with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 beta

In today’s global economy, end users and customers are demanding 24×7 access to their applications. Organizations around the world are looking for ways to provide resources and services with minimal downtime—scheduled or unscheduled. Dynamic kernel updates in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 beta is a new way to achieve such highly available services by providing kernel patching while the system is running.

In this session, you’ll learn about new capabilities planned for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, and best practices around system configuration to enhance reliability, availability, and serviceability. Topics will include:

  • Dynamic kernel updates and system monitoring, including logs, smartd, and mcelog.
  • abrt, including new integration with Red Hat Satellite.
  • kexec/kdump.
  • Multipathing and nic bonding.
  • Optimizing your interaction with Red Hat GSS.

You’ll leave this session with a better understanding of how to maximize uptime, avoid common outages, and drive root cause analysis in an efficient manner.