The next-generation firewall for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 beta

The Linux packet filtering technology, iptables, has its roots in times when networking was relatively simple and network bandwidth was measured in mere megabits. Emerging technologies, such as distributed NAT, overlay networks and containers require enhanced functionality and additional flexibility. In parallel, the next generation of network cards with speeds of 40Gb and 100Gb will put additional pressure on performance.

In the upcoming Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, a new dynamic firewall service, FirewallD, is planned to provide greater flexibility over iptables by eliminating service disruptions during rule updates, abstraction, and support for different network trust zones. Additionally, a new virtual machine-based packet filtering technology, nftables, addresses the functionality and flexibility requirements of modern network workloads.

In this session you’ll:

  • Deep dive into the newly introduced packet filtering capabilities of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 beta.
  • Learn best practices.
  • See the new set of configuration utilities that allow new optimization possibilities.