Snapshots in Red Hat Storage Server: Overview & quickstart

The snapshots feature in Red Hat Storage Server provides an integrated solution for point-in-time recovery of GlusterFS volumes. Join us to check it out. And while you’ll be exposed to architectural details of how snapshots are implemented,this session won’t be a deep dive into snapshot internals.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to configure and use snapshots in Red Hat Storage Server.
  • How to do point-in-time recovery using snapshots.
  • The architectural overview of snapshots in Red Hat Storage Server.
  • The key features and offerings in Red Hat Storage Server snapshots.
  • Best practice recommendations for configuring Red Hat Storage Server volumes for optimal use with snapshots.
  • The limitations in the snapshots feature release.
  • Some important issues to consider when migrating from older Red Hat Storage Server releases to a snapshot-supported one.
  • The product roadmap and extensions to snapshots.