Automatic NUMA balancing for bare-metal workloads & KVM virtualization

Red Hat and its partners, such as HP, have demonstrated world-class virtualization performance with SPECvirt and other benchmarks running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux with Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) technology. In doing so, KVM has proven to be feature rich and highly scalable, and has leading performance, becoming the hypervisor of choice for OpenStack development and enterprise virtualization.

Combining Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 beta with KVM on the next generation of HP servers, Red Hat and HP engineers will demonstrate the latest results for out-of-the-box performance using automatic NUMA, balancing in the host kernel as well as within Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 beta guests.

You’ll hear about the latest NUMA enhancements directly from the engineers who are leading the way in NUMA kernel development and testing. See their latest test results on bare metal and with KVM guests, learn how it works, and hear how the Linux kernel design compares to other algorithms.