Implementing & managing OpenShift Enterprise

OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat enables administrators to quickly serve application developer customers by deploying a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) infrastructure that streamlines the application service delivery process. OpenShift Enterprise does this in a highly efficient, fine-grained, multi-tenant cloud architecture that maximizes infrastructure utilization. This enables developers to quickly focus on what matters to them: writing code.

Join us for an in-depth, 2-hour lab focusing on the system administration of OpenShift Enterprise 2 and highlighting the deployment of a PaaS application. This detailed and interactive lab will be assisted by the very friendly developers, engineers, and consultants working on OpenShift.

After an overview of OpenShift Enterprise, you’ll deploy your own basic PaaS in a configuration that consists of 1 broker and 1 node. A more advanced configuration consisting of a distributed architecture will be demonstrated and discussed. And using you own configuration, you’ll verify the successful installation. (Various administrative actions will be demonstrated, prior to you exploring them on your own.) In addition, client tools will be installed and configured so that you can deploy an application either using a command-line interface or the web-based console.