Scholastic moves to the cloud with Red Hat

Scholastic is working with Red Hat to transform publishing industry IT, allowing the faster, cheaper, more consistent, and more reliable delivery of IT services.

The problem: Datacenters with proprietary hardware and software required capital investments for each new business initiative. Therefore, an excessive amount of time was required to order and build all the systems by hand, which increased the time to market and reduced business agility. Governance was a collection of documents that had to be followed manually, audited manually, and maintained manually.

The solution: Using Red Hat solutions, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and automation tools, Scholastic was able to provide solutions to the businesses in a completely different, innovative way. (The solutions included: Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Cloud Access, Red Hat Satellite, Directory Server, Red Hat JBoss EAP, Red Hat Fuse, Red Hat JBoss Data Grid, and OpsCode Chef.) These solutions are enabling Scholastic to into a public cloud while removing the datacenter management obligation entirely.

The result: Scholastic provisioned a server and deployed a new Red Hat JBoss Middleware application in development within 1 hour, and will have more than 90% of its applications in the cloud this year.

In this session, Scholastic reps will:

  • Detail the steps they took on their journey to the cloud.
  • Discuss how Red Hat helped in that journey.
  • Share guidelines for running effective migration strategies and load tests.
  • Share best practices for exposing legacy systems through web services to build service-oriented architecture (SOA) applications for high availability, redundancy, monitoring, and management with zero down time in a cloud environment.