Bielawa, Tim

Tim Bielawa is currently on the Inception team, working to bring DevOps culture into Red Hat IT. Tim’s previous role at Red Hat was on the Production Control (PC) team where he focused on release automation and internal tooling. During his 3 years in PC, Tim was responsible for system maintenance and application releases to several JBoss 4.3 and 5.1 clusters and other supporting infrastructure.

Tim has been involved in open source communities for around a decade, and has been a contributor/maintainer for about half that time. If he’s coded something, you can probably find it on his GitHub account. In his spare time he enjoys writing documentation (Linux Sysadmin’s Guide to Virtual Disks), solving interesting problems (and blogging about them), and building things. He also tweets from time to time as @tbielawa. In 2012, he co-founded the Open Source Scholars scholarship at West Virginia University, which aims to motivate young adults to become involved in Open Source communities.