Deep dive: OpenStack Compute

This session will begin with a high-level overview of where OpenStack Compute (Nova) fits into the overall OpenStack architecture, as demonstrated in Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform. You’ll learn how OpenStack Compute interacts with other OpenStack components and complementary solutions such as Red Hat Storage Server.

The session will also provide a grounding in some common Compute terminology and a deep-dive look into key areas of OpenStack Compute, including the:

  • Compute APIs.
  • Compute Scheduler.
  • Compute Conductor.
  • Compute Service.
  • Compute Instance lifecycle.

Intertwined with the architectural information will be details on horizontally scaling and dividing compute resources as well as customization of the Compute scheduler. You’ll also learn valuable insights into key OpenStack Compute features present in Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform.

Attendees will leave this session with an intermediate to high-level understanding of the OpenStack Compute architecture and an understanding of some of the key issues facing typical Compute deployments.