Ward, Linton

Dr. Linton Ward is an IBM Distinguished Engineer in the IBM Systems and Technology Group where his current focus is on leadership analytics and big data on Power Systems. He has been actively engaged in leading hardware-software stack optimization and hardware design for numerous integrated offerings, including IBM Pure Systems. As a systems and solutions architect, Linton brings a unique combination of hardware insight, deep understanding of software needs and client experience. He regularly meets with clients to help them understand the analytic space and next steps in their analytic journey. Over a 31-year career at IBM, Linton has conducted a myriad of systems optimization projects, gaining a deep understanding of the industry and client needs. He led the development of platform value-add plays for future IBM POWER processors and spent multiple years leading the development of the Systems Technology Outlook, a five-year projection of servers, storage and their technologies to drive investment and innovation direction. Linton was a competitive analysis manager where he and his team analyzed performance, cost, price and functional attributes of servers and drove needed improvements with product management and design teams. Prior to that, he directed the performance team for IBM PowerPC-based servers, including applications-based analysis, microprocessors, memory, I/O compilers and libraries. Previously, in the Numerically Intensive Computing organization, Linton analyzed applications and their performance and drove improvements in hardware, operating systems and compilers for IBM System z and associated vector acceleration. After joining IBM in 1982, he led the technology qualification efforts of semi-custom and ASIC components for communications products. Linton has a PH.D in Physics from North Carolina State University and a B.S. in Physics from Roanoke College in Virginia.