Live from the Summit: All hands on cloud with Red Hat CEO



Red Hat CEO and President Jim Whitehurst kicked off the 2014 Red Hat Summit, celebrating 10 years of growth and innovation. Whitehurst addressed a crowded ballroom at Moscone Center South. “You are all part of our mission statement,” he said.

This year’s Summit theme, ADVANCE, speaks to Red Hat’s mission statement, and about the commitment Red Hat has made to partners, customers, and many communities: to advance the state of IT to meet demand.

In the spirit of innovation, Whitehurst acknowledged the Innovation Awards–an annual event highlighting innovative Red Hat customers. He invited attendees—and you—to vote for the Innovator of the Year, who will be announced at the Summit on April 17, 2014.

> Learn more about this year’s innovation awards winners.


Whitehurst, a fan of history (and analogies), took us back to September 2, 1666: the Great Fire of London. A terrible event–but a time when the city of London got the chance to start over.

Business leaders want greenfields. They wish they could start over. London got a greenfield, but chose to rebuild old infrastructure. Constituents had needs that the old city satisfied—and new needs in conflict. But they did (like we do today) have common questions: How do you keep the traffic flowing while building the infrastructure of tomorrow?

“It’s even more difficult today than it was, because the innovation is no longer spoonfed from one vendor,” said Whitehurst.


Red Hat helps you access communities of innovation, including

Docker, a container solution, has gone from an idea to a popular project with over 350 contributors. Red Hat didn’t develop Docker, but is part of communities and ecosystems that use and support the technology.

OpenStack, the future of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). The OpenStack community continues to explode, and Red Hat is a leading contributor. In this case, Red Hat is looking to help bring OpenStack technologies  to you as an enterprise project.

OpenDaylight, a software-defined networking (SDN) consortium, has massive potential. Red Hat is involved in SDN communities. “We hope to be good contributors.” Whitehurst said.

Hadoop is a core project for big data. Red Hat making sure our storage layer works well with Hadoop, and that Hadoop works with our middleware tools and with OpenStack. This is a way we serve customers and ensure things they’re interested in work with our infrastructure.

You can be confident that Red Hat is there where innovation is happening. That is the first part of being a catalyst. The second part is helping YOU consume these products. Bridging what you have with what you need.

None of us wants to be London. We don’t want to rebuild a new architecture that’s exactly the same as the old one. We need to manage what we have, but with an architecture that allows for change. Remains open to user-driven innovation. Grants access to the latest technologies.

“No one vendor has those answers. It’s a combination of users, vendors, partners, service providers… together we can ultimately figure out this morass,” said Whitehurst.

It will take the entire industry together to make this work–all hands on cloud.

Summit is about participation and working together. Sessions, partners, conversations. Meet new people. Learn new ideas. Whitehurst invited the crowd to get involved.

“Let’s advance together,” Whitehurst said.


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Event: Red Hat Summit 2014
Date: 6:30 p.m., Mon Apr 14, 2014
Type: Keynote
Title: All hands on cloud
Speaker: Jim Whitehurst