Live from the Summit: Steering wheels and easy buttons for deploying OpenStack with high availability

RHELOSP-HA-sessionWith an opening slide of a Formula 1 racer, Red Hat’s Arthur Berezin, senior technical product manager for virtualization, drew parallels between the sport and deploying OpenStack.

Driving a car without your steering wheel is something you obviously don’t want to do,” Berezin said, “and sometimes it feels like you’re doing that with OpenStack—you’re the driver, and you need a way to control your deployment.”

High availability means “100% 99.999% uptime and making sure everything runs consistently on high scale,” he said, before introducing a new, easy way to deploy OpenStack and ensure high availability.

Berezin demonstrated upstream features in the RDO community that will be coming downstream to Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform soon: Foreman and Staypuft.

Foreman is an open source system for managing configurations, provisioning, and monitoring on multiple cloud providers including OpenStack. It’s a steering wheel of sorts, while Staypuft is “an easy button,” as Berezin described it, for installing Foreman.


Berezin walked through OpenStack examples with Horizon, Cinder, and Network, explaining what features the RDO community uses now to ensure high availability for services, database, and messaging:

  • Services
    • Pacemaker cluster
    • HAProxy load balancer
  • Database
    • Galera DB replication
  • Messaging
    • RabbitMQ mirrored queues

Choose your options, hit deploy, and you’ve got a highly available environment,” said Berezin.

Staypuft puts you in control with dead-simple features to reduce deployment time and make life a little easier.

With a single selection button, you control your nodes and you choose the services you want,” Berezin said. “It’s that easy.”


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Event: Red Hat Summit 2014
Date: 2:30 p.m., Wed April 16, 2014
Type: Session
Track: Cloud deep dive
Technical difficulty: 3
Title: Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform high availability
Speaker: Arthur Berezin