Monitoring OpenShift performance metrics with Datadog

Visibility into the health of your OpenShift gears just got easier. Datadog is pleased to announce the release of the Datadog cartridge for OpenShift, which collects metrics from OpenShift gears to allow for monitoring, graphing and alerting within Datadog. Importantly, this cartridge supports both scalable and non-scalable OpenShift deployments and in the case of scalable applications running on OpenShift, the Datadog Agent will be automatically installed and configured on every new gear that is auto-deployed.

Visualize OpenShift metrics and events
Immediately after the Datadog agent is installed on an OpenShift gear, CPU, I/O Wait, server status and system load metrics will begin to flow into Datadog and be available for graphing. Additionally, the metric agents will inherit “tags” from Chef, Puppet, or any other configuration management systems, and any additional custom attributes as defined by the user. These tags are then available to deep dive into certain areas of an environment.

Once the Datadog agent is deployed, these metrics will be available for graphing and events will flow into Datadog’s event stream so that users can follow the life of their OpenShift gears chronologically.

OpenShift metrics alerting
OpenShift users will be able to set up alerting on their OpenShift metrics as soon as the Datadog agent is installed on OpenShift gears. Of particular note, users will be able to alert on specific gears, or, on aggregated metrics from multiple gears working in unison to provide a service.

In addition to generating events in your stream, alerts can be set to go through email, HipChat, PagerDuty, or a number of other messaging services.

See all OpenShift gears and other servers on one page
Datadog collects data from OpenShift gears and any other servers running on-premise or on other cloud environments. These can all be seen on the same page and then filtered through based on metrics or tags related to these servers.

Correlating events from other systems with OpenShift Metrics
Datadog will not only collect data from OpenShift, but also, the metrics and events from all of the systems in your environment or custom applications via API ().

Users can then overlay the events from other systems over the collected OpenShift metrics to determine whether another system or piece of infrastructure may have impacted OpenShift gears.


Learn more about Datadog & OpenShift in the Datadog booth at Red Hat Summit today from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.