Interact. Engage. Participate. Get involved at Summit.

Attendees at the 2015 Red Hat Summit had their chance to see this year’s theme—Energize Your Enterprise—come to life. From the signs around the Hynes to the opening video, the environment feels absolutely electric—sometimes literally.

Take the experiential hallway, for example–it’s new to Summit this year. Summiteers can walk the laser-packed corridor, plug in at charging stations featuring Tesla plasma balls, and interact with the Lite Brite wall.


And interact they did.

The best design each day wins a gift card to the Red Hat Cool Stuff Store, and the best design of the week wins a free pass to the 2016 Red Hat Summit in San Francisco.


Graffiti wall



Another new interactive installation at Summit this year is the graffiti wall. To explain what it is and why it is, we had a quick Q&A with Kyrsten Musich, chief of staff for Red Hat CMO Jackie Yeaney.


Red Hat Summit blog team: How did this come together? What’s it all about?

Kyrsten: We wanted to do more social media activities at Summit this year that really got people participating and engaged. We wanted to see people take pride in their own contributions, so this was a way to capture real-time ideas and learning from the sessions.

People were really excited about it! Some of the questions prompted more idea sharing, and some prompted more, let’s say, random contributions.

‘What are you most excited about at Summit?’ gave us a snapshot of what was on attendees’ minds, and ‘Where are you from?’ gave us a lot of colorful replies. Chile was especially proud to be here.

RHSBT: Is this activity something that only lives at Summit or are there plans to do something with it?

K: I think it becomes a key installation for what we’re learning from our attendees at Summit. This graffiti part is like the upstream community version, and we can synthesize the ideas into an enterprise-ready infographic. Plus, we could do this again at other conferences—it’s a great listening tool.

RHSBT: If people missed their chance today, what kinds of questions are coming up this week?

K: We have a lot of focus on storage and our new announcements there, and we’ll also be talking about the direction of enterprise technology and where people think it’s going. I’m not sure if we’ll get something as cool as the fox in the fedora, but we’ll see!

(Attendees can come by Thursday from 10 a.m. — 3 p.m. and add their ideas and illustrations to the wall outside of 309.)