Jessica McKellar and Preeti Murthy win the 2016 Women in Open Source Award

Women in open

Two incredible developers were recognized today for their contributions to open source. Delisa Alexander, Red Hat’s executive vice president and chief people officer, announced that Jessica McKellar and Preeti Murthy won the 2016 Women in Open Source award during this morning’s general session.

McKellar won the Women in Open Source Community Award for her efforts to make open source communities and the technology industry more inclusive. Meanwhile, Murthy was recognized for her work as a Linux kernel developer, for which she has contributed code, documentation, tutorials, open content, and other communications. She currently has nearly 60 commits and reviews in the area of CPU power management.

“Technology is affecting the lives of people in their day-to-day tasks in a big way. People from all across the world are able to do their tasks so much more efficiently and effectively, so I wish to contribute in my own little way to this wonderful transformation that I see all around me.” – PREETI MURTHY, graduate student, Carnegie Mellon University, electrical and computer engineering

“This mindset—that if you see something that could be better, you have the power to change it—is a mindset that I want as many people to have as possible on this planet.” – JESSICA McKELLAR, director of engineering at Dropbox
Learn more about McKellar and Murthy, as well as other finalists >

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