Open Source drives innovation on the Red Hat Road Tour

“Open Source is a lighter fluid for innovation”, said Kathleen Kennedy, President of MIT Technology Review in a recent panel she moderated in Chicago.  Guess it is no surprise that open source is increasingly becoming the defacto standard for emerging technologies. I was witness to this first hand when I attended the Red Hat Summit earlier this year and vividly remember the day after the last day of the conference when I happened to see the very large logo on the Moscone West center being brought down.  And I was thinking that it would be another year before we have an opportunity to experience the summit again hosted by the world’s best open source company to work for!  But, wait a minute.  Not so fast, buddy !  Little did I know that the Red Hat Summit had other innovative plans in September.  Thanks, in part to the sponsorship of Intel, the Red Hat Summit 2016 is also hitting the road like many of us to travel to our favorite vacation spots with families and friends.  Well, I may not know a whole lot about your vacation plans but don’t be surprised if you have a chance encounter with Open Source driving Innovation on the Red Hat Tour.  Or even better.  Read ahead to see where you can be to experience first-hand valuable glimpses of the Red Hat Summit in a city near you!

Road to Blue Sky

The Red Hat Road Tour sponsored by Intel allows the attendees to learn, network and experience open source.  And this is being done across a wide geography including New York, Houston, Toronto, Charlotte and of course — my kind of town, as Sinatra would say — Chicago !

The Red Hat Tour — and by consequence, open source and Innovation — sponsored by Intel is coming to a town near you.   While I did attend the Red Hat Summit itself, what I like about the Red Hat Road Tour is that each instance is localized to that given geography.  There is something to be said about the prevailing mindset of the IT leaders, architects, open source evangelists, decision makers in the same locale  And when birds of a (Houston) culture or the (Toronto) mindset or a (New York) attitude get together in an environment that fuels innovation with open source — magic happens.  Magic that is more pertinent to the business and technological objectives and challenges in that particular geography.

No matter where the Red Hat Road Tour is held, Red Hat and Intel bring some of Red Hat Summit’s best content to you in an exclusive day of learning and discussion.

So, what is special about these events:

  • They explore the latest in cloud computing, platform, virtualization, middleware, storage, and system management technology.
  • It provides an opportunity to learn more about product roadmaps, best practices, and customer use cases.
  • You get to hear first hand from product managers, technology leaders, and subject matter experts about solutions to common enterprise challenges.

That is great.

Raises the question who should attend these events.

Those of us whose responsibilities include any one of the following areas would realize significant gains from these events:

  • Modern innovation,
  • DevOps,
  • Microservices,
  • Enterprise architecture and of course,
  • IT strategy.

So there you have it.  Those are the plans for the Red Hat Summit to hit the road thanks to Intel.

What are your plans?  Please let me know.  And if you plan to attend the one in Chicago, please do look me up.  I will be at the street corner wearing a Red Hat where Open Source meets Innovation.

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