Innovation flying high in the Windy City with Red Hat

City of Chicago

The panel on The Promise, Challenge and Opportunity of Open Source Software was kicked off by Kathleen Kennedy, President of the MIT Technology Review with her opening statement “Open Source is a lighter fluid for Innovation”! The venue where this was held was in Chicago — no surprise there! This is the Windy City with a skyline that proudly flies high despite the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 after which a set of innovative architects and inventors collaborated to reshape Chicago.  The best type of innovation is driven by collaboration, says Gartner VP, Marcus Blosch. The open mindset of collaboration that started 140 years ago continues to this day not only in Chicago but also, for sure, in the Open Source Community.  Thus, it is no wonder that the essence of the Red Hat Summit held earlier this year is being brought to The Wrigleyville Inn in Chicago on 20 Sep 2016 where Innovation is positioned to take flight with the sponsorship of Red Hat, Intel, and Forsythe.

Let me explain how.

For starters, you will get first-hand insight on the Trifecta of innovation through business, technology, and culture through the session on Accelerating Innovation at the Red Hat Open Innovation labs.  But then, Innovation is not a short term project.  Competitive enterprises of tomorrow need to drive continuous innovation within their enterprise today.  Attend the session on Building an architecture for continuous innovation to get additional insight on how this could be done effectively.

Continuous innovation also requires seamless co-existence of the traditional IT as well as the evolving world of next-generation technologies like containers and DevOps.  While the session on The roadmap for containers and DevOps looks into the future, Forsythe calls out an effective way of Bridging the Data Center from the Old to the New IT.

As explained in this article on the Forsythe Focus magazine, fact is that the New Frontier of IT has arrived! Are you ready?  Do make sure that you factor in the 3 C’s of cloud transformation when taking steps to Increase visibility, manageability, and control through cloud management and automation.

So, what lies in store at the end of this event?  The Chicago Cubs vs. Cincinnati Reds game is immediately following and is open to all attendees to view from the rooftop.

And it really does not matter if you are a Cubs or Reds fan.

Innovation is in the air in the Windy City at this Red Hat Road Tour event.  All the better if this unique ambiance extends into the Happy Hour as well as Cubs game that follows.

Frank Sinatra immortalized the city of Chicago as “my kind of town.” Being a technology strategist at heart, this is is certainly “my kind of event!” 

See you there!

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