Houston, we have a problem! Let’s innovate IT !!

Containers in Houston

“Houston, we have a problem!” is the all too familiar phrase from the Apollo 13 decades back that has become a cliché over the years. Given the downturn in the Oil & Gas economy in recent times, and the predominance of companies in this industry in the city of Houston, Texas, the phrase takes a different meaning altogether today. Going by the average price for a barrel of oil, there is a call to action for oil & gas companies to combat this challenge. Innovation comes to mind, for sure. Even though the Energy industry has been all about technology innovation for decades together, where does it stand with innovating the business of IT? There are several new options available now to innovate IT within the enterprise that can not only offer options for reducing cost of delivery but also positively impact the business of the enterprise. The Road Tour event sponsored by Red Hat and Intel being held on Sep 22 at The Westin Houston, Memorial City offers a few seeding thoughts. Who knows, after attending this event, one might even revert back to the original version of this quote, “Houston, we have had a problem!!”. Come on, Houston! Let’s innovate IT! Hello Red Hat!

It’s all about accelerating Service Delivery by building an agile IT organization, from infrastructure to practice. For sure, there are many paths to infrastructure modernization but the most effective ones are outcome-based approaches delivering value together to increase visibility, manageability, and control through cloud management and automation.

John Archer and Raj Seshadri taking a selfie with containers at Red Hat User Group in Houston

Modernization is not just about the infrastructure and the operating system. The fundamental process of software development is going through a modernization on its own path as would be brought out in the roadmap for containers and DevOps.

On a lighter note, Red Hat associates do tend to bring life to the concept of containers (see inset photograph!)

The session on Integration and Automation being critical to Oil & Gas is one I look forward to eagerly – especially with it being delivered by one of the key players in this industry. I submit: Integration is dead! Long live integration!

Emerging technical concepts give rise to next-generation technologies. Enterprises are always challenged with the need to determine the feasibility of introducing these technologies into their existing environments. Enter the Red Hat Open Innovation Labs which brings together the Trifecta of innovation through business, technology, and culture.

For some time now, the Oil and Gas industry has been using sand, water, and chemicals injected at high pressures to blast open shale rock and release the trapped gas inside. It is now time to make IT rock by innovating the guts of software development, integration and automation.

Collaboration drives the best form of Innovation according to Gartner VP, Marcus Blosch.  Collaborative partnerships like the one between Red Hat and Intel take innovation to the next level.  I also look forward to Intel’s session at this event.

Come join me at the Red Hat Road Tour event and let us innovate to renew the energy of oil & gas! Let us respond “Not anymore” to the phrase “Houston, we have had a problem!”

Competitive enterprises of the future will innovate IT today to be the leaders of tomorrow. Are you part of such an enterprise? Well, then, see you there!

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