Red Hat at Microsoft Ignite

Red Hat’s technical cloud evangelist, Nick Gerasimatos, gives an overview of Red Hat’s presence at Microsoft Ignite. Come by booth #539 at Ignite to learn more.


Red Hat and Microsoft partnership:

On November 2015, Red Hat entered into a partnership with Microsoft to make Red Hat’s open technologies, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, available on Microsoft Azure pairing the world’s leading enterprise Linux platform with one of the globe’s largest public cloud platforms.

This availability also marks the first instance of Red Hat and Microsoft’s integrated support, a unique offering in the IT world, offering a seamless experience for customers seeking to engage with industry-leading support teams to address technical challenges.

Since Red Hat and Microsoft announced our partnership in November, we’ve seen strong interest and momentum from our customers looking to bring their Red Hat investments to Azure. Red Hat and Microsoft offer the best enterprise-grade support of the public cloud, by offering a fully integrated support experience with co-located Red Hat and Microsoft support engineers sitting side-by-side to help you when you need it!

Furthermore, Red Hat and Microsoft have worked together to ensure Red Hat subscriptions purchased through the Azure Marketplace provide unique, integrated subscription support and value through direct access to the Red Hat customer portal.  This provides you the full breadth of Red Hat enterprise value delivered directly as part of the Azure on-demand experience.

What you can expect from Red Hat onsite:

Red Hat will be focused on presenting how the growth of cloud applications (SaaS) and related technologies are reigniting the focus on Enterprise Integration, acceleration of application development, deployment, performance, and management. Integration of applications and data, particularly using containers and the public cloud enables organizations to acquire actionable, unified information when and how they need it; i.e. at the business speed and Automation of decisions and processes. We will provide insight into emerging technologies integration, including migration scenarios and share how customers are moving forward faster than ever using Red Hat Enterprise open source technologies such as OpenShift.

Join me at Microsoft Ignite as I discuss the different services Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform on Microsoft Azure offers and why Red Hat has gained the trust of over 90% of Fortune 500 companies. Red Hat OpenShift Platform provides a secure, flexible and easy to manage application infrastructure to expedite time-to-market and streamline operations.

See you in Atlanta!


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