The impact of the individual at Red Hat Summit 2017

Each year at Red Hat, excitement bubbles around the upcoming theme for Red Hat Summit. What better way to pick a theme for the premier open source event than by using the Open Decision Framework? The Red Hat Summit team (50+ Red Hatters) was asked to share thoughts and ideas for this year’s theme. From there, a smaller core group lead the project, with continual feedback from experts across Red Hat.


“The additional benefit of opening the process up to the larger group is that everyone has a chance to contribute and understand (what can sometimes be a messy) creative process. Understanding leads to openness and trust, which in turn leads to a stronger solution everyone is on board with.”

-Senior graphic designer, Creative Strategy + Design, Colleen


After many collaborative discussions across Red Hat, the theme for 2017 is the impact of the individual.

Why did we choose the impact of the individual as the theme?

This year at Red Hat Summit, we want to celebrate you—the individual. For open source innovation is only possible because of the people behind it.


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