Red Sox party at Red Hat Summit

Experience open source in the city of champions.

For this year’s Red Hat Summit party, we’re taking you out to the ball game.  The Red Hat Summit party will take place at Fenway Park to watch the Red Sox take on the Baltimore Orioles. Below, you can find details about transportation and how to pick up your ticket once onsite.


Where do I get my ticket?

Summit tickets are only available for pickup at the BCEC.


When can I pick up my ticket?

You can pick up a ticket on Wednesday in the Partner Pavilion meals area after sessions end at 5:15 pm.


Who gets a ticket?

Full conference attendees and guest passes are eligible for 1 ticket and a $35 F&B credit to be used within Fenway Park. Customer attendees will receive first priority.


What do I need to pick up my ticket?

1 ticket/F&B credit per badge. You cannot pick up a ticket for someone else.


Where will I sit?

Tickets are being distributed in order of seating so stand in line with the folks you would like to sit with. Although Fenway has assigned seats, there are many areas to get up and socialize. And you have $35 in money to spend on food and drinks so spread it around.


What if I lose my ticket?

Your ticket is required to enter. If a ticket is lost during the two-hour window between distribution and the game, we cannot replace it.


How are we getting to Fenway?

We are providing buses from BCEC to Fenway. The first bus departs the BCEC for Fenway no later than 6 pm (once filled). Some buses will stop at hotels if you would like to go there prior to the game.


When does the game start? I don’t want to miss anything.

Red Hat throws the first pitch at 6:50 pm and the game officially starts at 7:10pm.


How are we getting back after the game?

We will have buses starting to bring people back at 8pm, but we will wait for the bus to fill before it leaves. Buses will be shuttling people back like that until 11:30pm. You can obviously use any method of transportation that fits your needs though.

Not registered for Red Hat Summit? We’ve got you covered. Save on your Red Hat Summit pass with the discount code REDSOX.


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