Craig Muzilla delivers middleware keynote at 2015 Red Hat Summit

“Does technology really matter?”

Craig Muzilla, Red Hat senior vice president, Applications Platforms Business, says no. Not when it comes to succeeding in today’s market. “I will argue that despite all the changes in technology over the last 5 years, technology doesn’t really matter; what matters is how you create new value with that technology and new business models with that technology,” he said.

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Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst opens Summit

“Disrupt or be disrupted.”

That’s the message Jim Whitehurst, Red Hat’s President and CEO, delivered to the opening keynote crowd at the 2015 Red Hat Summit in Boston at the Hynes Convention Center. Whitehurst discussed the fundamental changes in our economy, how organizations need to rethink the very foundations of how they operate in the Information Age, and what Red Hat is doing to lead the way.

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Open Source Stories premiere at Summit 2015

As the Creative Strategy + Design team geared up for Summit this year we came across some inspiring open source stories with help from the folks at We were so moved by all of the different ways open source can be woven into the world that we jumped at the opportunity to make some of the stories into short documentary films.

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Women in open source at the Summit

Who are the women leading the way in open source and the technology industry?

Brianna Wu keynoting DevNation

Brianna Wu, founder and CEO of Giant Spacekat, a female-led game development team, will talk about ways to help (and not hurt) women in technology. Brianna’s an outspoken developer, blogger, and podcaster who was threatened during the GamerGate controversy. Her experiences in the male-dominated gaming industry echo those of many women in many areas of technology. What she’s learned can help us improve our communities, make everyone feel welcome, and keep each other safe.

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The Open Organization book signings (and more) at the 2015 Red Hat Summit

If you haven’t picked up a copy of Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst’s book on building a $2 billion dollar company the open source way, below are 3 ways to get a signed copy. It’s a great read for your flight home from Summit. (Here’s an excerpt on the Harvard Business Review blog.)

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Party time at Red Hat Summit? Almost!

Red Hat Summit is the perfect opportunity for you to learn and experience all that Red Hat’s open source solutions have to offer, but if you need (yet another) reason to go, say no more.

The Red Hat Summit party – sponsored by Cisco, in collaboration with Intel – is on Thursday, June 25 at the Museum of Science Boston. From great food to awesome music, this party has it all.

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