Jessica McKellar and Preeti Murthy win the 2016 Women in Open Source Award

Women in open

Two incredible developers were recognized today for their contributions to open source. Delisa Alexander, Red Hat’s executive vice president and chief people officer, announced that Jessica McKellar and Preeti Murthy won the 2016 Women in Open Source award during this morning’s general session.

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Amadeus wins 2016 Innovator of the Year award


“If we don’t continue to evolve and take on challenges, we will get left behind… Innovation is when you take this idea, you cultivate it, and you make the world a better place.” – Genfare

Marco Bill-Peter and Chris Wright took to the main stage early Thursday morning to announce the 2016 Innovation Awards winners. This year, Red Hat celebrates 10 years of the Innovation Awards, which highlights the achievements made by partners and customers around the globe. What makes each winner stand out is their creative thinking, problem solving, and innovative use of Red Hat solutions.

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Open source hardware sparks innovation

Nathan Seidle, founder and CEO of SparkFun Electronics, believes open source is not only good for humanity, but also good for business. SparkFun is a successful online retailer that sells the parts people need to build electronics projects.

He started his talk by describing some of the “crazy” (his word, not mine) things some of his customers have made with SparkFun products:

  • One customer used SparkFun cell phone modules and solar cells to track falcon migration across North America.
  • Another put a SparkFun sensor under a trampoline and connected it to the valve (and flame) on a propane tank. The idea was, the harder you jump, the bigger the flame.
  • And my favorite: A customer used a SparkFun motion sensor, a microcontroller, and a blender to create the “blender defender.” The purpose? To keep cats off kitchen counters.

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Who says tech conferences aren’t magical?


I mean, really? If you haven’t heard: The craziest thing went down today at Red Hat Summit. It’s probably a first ever for a tech conference and that’s not even the amazing part. We married some amazing people. To each other. They hitched without a hitch. It was beautiful, romantic, geeky, exciting, punny, and absolutely heart-warming.


Jim delivers the rings while Paul and crew set up.

I wouldn’t trade the experience of seeing these two wonderful people commit to each other for anything. See what I did there? Commit. Get it? Anyway…


Paul Cormier, Red Hat EVP and president of Products and Technologies, presided over the wedding while Jim Whitehurst, our fearless leader, acted as ring bearer.

And it gets better!

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CEO Jim Whitehurst opens Red Hat Summit 2016


“Our ability to harness and distill the best ideas will determine human progress for the next century.”

Jim Whitehurst, Red Hat’s President and CEO, delivered the opening keynote to a crowd of more than 5,000 Tuesday morning. The 2016 Red Hat Summit theme: The Power of Participation. His message: Participation and innovation are tightly linked. Helping communities innovate beyond the sum of their individual members is the leadership challenge of our time.

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