Technology Standardization drives effective Business Automation at Red Hat Summit


I was having lunch at a restaurant in Fort Myers, Florida that is part of a nationwide chain.  When I walked up to the counter to take stock of what was available, I was greeted by a very friendly looking kiosk that prompted me to select a few options and finally submit my order.  I could pick what I wanted at my leisure – changing my mind a couple of times – and then got my total amount due which I paid and got what I ordered in due course.  A very pleasant and friendly customer experience.  While waiting for my order, it got me thinking.  This type of standardized interface for the customer through software is the new brand for digital enterprises.  The experience I would have at the kiosk defines the brand for me — the customer — no matter where the restaurant is located.  The people may change but not the kiosk interface.  Inject automation into it for the right business reasons and magic happens.  Efficiency.  Productivity.  Timely service.  However such automation applies both to the enterprise business processes as well as the enabling IT processes.  Thus, automation applies conceptually to the Business of the Enterprise as well as the Business of IT.  A quick review of the sessions on the Automation Track at the Red Hat Summit reinforces the fact that Technology Standardization drives effective Business Automation.

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Live from the clouds: Red Hat Summit cloud overview

Up in the clouds on my way to the 2016 Open Stack Summit in Austin, I sign up for various sessions, and also look ahead to the Red Hat Summit at the end of June 2016. I walk through the Cloud track on the Red Hat Summit agenda, and perceive multiple phases that are germane to the evolution to the Cloud the “Red Hat way” – so to speak.

A couple of sessions offer strategic approaches to cloud transformation while several others share experience-based insight from implementers across multiple perspectives. One can also see the impact that OpenStack has had on key industries like telecom, finally rounding it off with a projection of what is to come in the future. What follows is a high-level perspective Live from the clouds on the Red Hat Summit.

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Continuously innovating the world of containers at Red Hat Summit


My fellow Red Hat associate, Father Linux (Scott McCarty) draws a parallel between shipping containers and the containers that we have come to appreciate in the world of IT. McCarty draws a fine parallel between how cargo used to be manually loaded into ships, how and why shipping containers came about revolutionizing the world of transportation on land and water on 18-wheelers, trains and ships. There is a subtlety behind McCarty’s assertions.

Containers in IT are experiencing the growing pains that shipping containers did decades back. Forward thinking enterprises are taking these challenges head on and continue to embrace and advocate this paradigm. Let us just say that such companies are applying the principles of continuous innovation to containers! The advances made by Red Hat in this space clearly surface upon a quick glance at the sessions that make up the Container track at the Red Hat Summit.

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Security delivered the Red Hat way, at Red Hat Summit

Life can be good with open source — so, went the title for one of my recent blogs after a recent ransomware attack that had apparently compromised critical systems and applications at a medical facility.  The point of this article was that enterprise solutions are safer and better prepared for such attacks with timely patches and upgrades to the tools and technologies used.

That being said, it is also important that said tools and technologies are intrinsically secure across all architectural layers of these solutions.  ‘Adversaries R Us’ do not necessarily have a top down, layer based approach to planning their next attack.  The most vulnerable opening is the best point of attack — no matter which layer it is in — could be the underlying operating system, the virtualized environment, the authentication mechanism — you name it, they got it!

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The 2016 agenda is action-packed

In case you missed it… the 2016 Red Hat Summit agenda is now live!

And as usual, it’s packed with awesome sessions and rockstar presenters.

> Check out the session catalog.


This year, the agenda offers:

  • 15 unique breakout session tracks, organized by topic
  • Expanded capacity in 25+ instructor-led labs
  • Birds of a Feather discussions moderated by subject matter experts
  • Discovery sessions in an interactive, whiteboard environment
  • And so much more!

We’re also excited to have not one, but TWO general sessions per day, giving you twice the executive insight.

Explore the options on the 2016 agenda, and register now to start building your personal schedule.


What’s New for Red Hat Summit in 2016?

If you’ve been waiting for new reasons to come to Red Hat Summit in San Francisco this summer, you’re in luck. Here’s a sample of what we’re adding this year to the event to learn, network, and experience open source:

  • 3 full days of content, starting Tuesday morning and going out in style at our blow-out party Thursday night
  • 2 general sessions per day (200% more than last year!) featuring Red Hat executives, partners, and customers
  • Extra capacity in our instructor-led, hands-on labs—that means more training for you
  • New office hours with technology experts for 1-on-1 access
  • More receptions and evening events for networking opportunities


Check out the Summit site to see what else we have in store for you June 27-June 30.


Top 5 Reasons to Attend Red Hat Summit 2016

Open source technology is not a solitary pursuit—it’s about collaboration.

So it’s only natural that the premier event in the industry brings together thousands of professionals like you to learn, network, and experience open source.

There are countless reasons to attend Red Hat Summit 2016, but here are our top 5:

  • Hundreds of sessions to choose from led by the best and brightest in open source.
  • Hands-on experience with the newest Red Hat technologies
  • Face-to-face interaction with the product experts who built—and can demo—the most innovative technologies
  • The chance to grow your network—making connections with peers, partners, and other like-minded professionals
  • DevNation—a co-located conference by and for developers

Get new ideas, and make plans for the future of your IT.


Who wouldn’t want to hang out with these Red Hat rockstars?

Performance analysis and tuning of Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Speed matters

In the demanding world of today’s IT environments, users expect rapid responses to requests and greater utilization of their computing platforms. In order to meet these requirements, Red Hat’s Performance Engineering Team devotes itself to analyzing these technology concerns, building automated optimization tools for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and creating useful tuning guides to help users customize configurations for their varied workloads.

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