Innovation in the large enterprise: Using Openstack, OpenShift, and automation to empower teams

Innovation, culture, lean, agile, and DevOps. These terms are currently being thrown around in the IT industry as the apex of success. Master these, and your organization will be blessed with an eternity of deployment good fortune and increased efficiency. What does it really take for an organization to be considered agile and innovative in 2015?

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Puppet Enterprise and Red Hat Satellite 6

At Red Hat we call it the Open Source Way. When we talk about open source, we’re talking about a proven way of collaborating to create technology. The freedom to see the code, to learn from it, to ask questions and offer improvements: This is the open source way.

That’s just what we saw today between the Puppet Enterprise teams and Red Hat Satellite Product teams. Carl Caum and Tim Zonca of Puppet Labs, along with Richard Jerrido and Christopher Wells of Red Hat, described their offerings and briefly demonstrated how they are collaborating on interoperability in order to bring the best experience they can to customers.

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Dell and Red Hat’s OpenStack journey to the enterprise 

What do 2 leading IT companies do with a partnership that goes back 15 years? For Red Hat and Dell, the answer is to cultivate an integrated OpenStack solution specifically for enterprise private cloud deployment.

Dell’s Arkady Kanevsky, director of software development, and Randy Perryman, network and solution architect, joined Red Hat senior principal software engineer Steven Reichard to describe how the solution has come together over the last 18 months.

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Red Hat Training and Certification update

Red Hat Global Learning Services leaders Ken Goetz, Pete Hnath, Randolph Russell took turns addressing the technology training market, highlighting new features, courses, and plans for Red Hat’s training and certification programs.

They also used this breakout session to announce a special standing discount for Red Hat Certified Architects.

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Enterprise Containers 101 with Red Hat platform architect, Langdon White

This was a full session with a line out the door just minutes before it was schedule to start. A majority of the attendees self-identified as System Administrators. A handful were developers. Almost none had experience with containers.

Red Hat platform architect, Langdon White, has experience as a back-end developer, and the session was intended to walk the crowd through exactly how he built a container–and why.

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Self-paced labs at Red Hat Summit

One of the most popular draws at every Red Hat Summit is our instructor led training. Experts on platform, middleware, and cloud technologies show you how to make the most of Red Hat technologies, with direct, hands-on exercises. Of course, this popularity means the classes fill up quickly after Summit registration opens earlier in the year. So it’s a particular challenge to deliver more hands-on experience, something we know you value.

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