Red Hat Storage for mere mortals

Red Hat Chief Architect (and top presenter) Thomas Cameron’s SELinux for mere mortals breakout sessions are legendary. This year, Thomas decided to do for Gluster what he’s done for SELinux. Thus, the Red Hat Storage for Mere Mortals talk was born. This session offered a high-level overview of an install (from scratch) of Red Hat Gluster Storage 3 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. He began with a quick history and architecture of Gluster, the upstream community project.

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Red Hat Mobile Application Platform

“It takes a village to launch an app.”

Cathal McGloin, vice president and general manager of Red Hat Mobile Platforms, was referring to the collaboration and rapid mobile app deployment capabilities of Red Hat’s new Mobile Backend-as-a-Service (MBaaS) platform. McGloin joined Javier Perez, director of consulting at Red Hat, to outline some of the history, capabilities, and features of this new Red Hat offering, which was formerly known as FeedHenry.

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Exploring open hyperconverged infrastructure solutions

One of the many joys of Red Hat Summit is the occasional peek into upstream projects and the rationale driving research and development. In this Summit breakout session, Sean Murphy, product manager, and Paul Cuzner, technical marketing lead, (both from the Red Hat Storage team) described some of the design considerations and testing that go into creating an open hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solution. The proposed model combines the oVirt virtualization management web application with Red Hat Gluster Storage, taking advantage of features in the just-released GlusterFS 3.7.x.

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Red Hat’s Marco Bill-Peter presents a modern vision for customer support

“I’m not selling you anything you don’t already have. It’s all part of your Red Hat subscription”

Marco Bill-Peter, vice president, Customer Experience and Engagement, is a man on a mission to create awareness of what Red Hat customers already have access to: the full support of his team.

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An overview of DevOps at Summit and DevNation from Brian Che, general manager, Cloud Product Strategy

Almost every keynote this year includes a mention of DevOps as a way to build better software by breaking down silos and pushing for quicker releases, etc. Brian Che shared his thoughts on the DevOps movement and things you need to think about this week and beyond.

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