Taste of Summit – Plan your time with session previews

It is coming very soon….


Red Hat Summit, it’s back for 2017 in Boston, MA from 2-4 May.


The agenda is online, you can search for your favorite speakers and start planning your time between sessions, keynotes, labs and more.


To tease you even more, there is a neat feature this year called Taste of Summit, where you can get free access to many of the sessions to be given in May.

Figure 1. My taste of summit preview.


Today you can register online and gain access to short, 15 min previews of session by the speakers you will meet in person at Summit.


They are giving you a teaser on the content and style you can expect, allowing you to make some early decisions on sessions you might want to see.


For example, my session shown in figure 1 is available as a Taste of Summit virtual session, where you get a preview to Discover the Foundations of Digital Transformation.

Figure 2. Entering theater for sessions.


After registration you will be emailed a confirmation of registration with details to log in using the email address you registered with. You will find yourself standing in front of the entrance to a virtual hall just like Red Hat Summit in Boston will look like.


Enter the Theater room and select from Keynote, 2017 Session Previews or Open Source Stories to select from an extensive list of previews, as shown in figure 2.


Click on 2017 Session Previews and use the Watch on Demand button to start previewing a session.


If you still need convincing, here are the slides for my preview:

Enjoy the Taste of Summit previews and see you very soon in Boston. Be sure to stop by and chat!


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Recommended sessions at Red Hat Summit

This year’s Red Hat Summit agenda is filled with over 300 amazing sessions. Check out some of these agenda highlights based on industry and topic, or check out the full agenda here.

Financial services:

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Follow our Red Hat Summit speakers

Prior to each Red Hat Summit, we receive thousands of submissions for speaking sessions through our CFP process. A team of content experts then reviews these submissions and narrows it down to the best and most relevant sessions. Follow the Twitter list from @RedHatSummit to stay up to date on this yea’rs speaker. Be sure to follow them on social media for updates on Red Hat Summit sessions.

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Why we’re excited for Red Hat Summit 2017 (and why you should be too)

For the past 12 years, Red Hat Summit has moved across the U.S. and around the world. This event brings together the largest group of customers, partners, and community enthusiasts to learn, network, and experience the power of open source in the enterprise.

There are countless reasons why we’re excited for this year’s Red Hat Summit, but here are our top 10:


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The impact of the individual at Red Hat Summit 2017

Each year at Red Hat, excitement bubbles around the upcoming theme for Red Hat Summit. What better way to pick a theme for the premier open source event than by using the Open Decision Framework? The Red Hat Summit team (50+ Red Hatters) was asked to share thoughts and ideas for this year’s theme. From there, a smaller core group lead the project, with continual feedback from experts across Red Hat.


“The additional benefit of opening the process up to the larger group is that everyone has a chance to contribute and understand (what can sometimes be a messy) creative process. Understanding leads to openness and trust, which in turn leads to a stronger solution everyone is on board with.”

-Senior graphic designer, Creative Strategy + Design, Colleen


After many collaborative discussions across Red Hat, the theme for 2017 is the impact of the individual.

Why did we choose the impact of the individual as the theme?

This year at Red Hat Summit, we want to celebrate you—the individual. For open source innovation is only possible because of the people behind it.


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Tis’ time Cleveland went DevOps


I’m sitting at the Red Hat Booth at the Information Security Summit at the LaCentre Conference Center on Detroit Road.  I look at the agenda for this Information Security Summit event attended by over 1,000 attendees across 100 sessions sponsored by about 32 forward-thinking organizations – including Red Hat. Innovation and invention are not new to the city of Cleveland – a city that led the nation in patents per capita in 1900.  In 1920, Cuyahoga County had the fourth largest manufacturing economy in America.  Cleveland was one of the leaders in the Industrial Revolution in the yester years.  That said, when it comes to technology today, Cleveland may not be the first city that comes to mind.  Just like there is a call to action for competitive enterprises of the future to make innovation relevant, cities like Cleveland need to take action too.  And taking action it is.  Red Hat is bringing DevOps to Cleveland on Nov 7.

The Information Security Summit itself was a validation of the steps that Cleveland is taking in this direction.  Mobile Monday looked at the pay-offs and concerns associated with mobile content, its development, delivery, storage, and risks.  About 30 vendors displayed the latest in security technology on Tuesday.  Wednesday was Healthcare day atop the Global Center for Health Innovation — a place that I had accidentally encountered in the recent past. Two hundred healthcare and information security professionals including Red Hat gathered to immerse their understanding dedicated to PHI, HIPAA, cloud-based storage and the IoT data protection.

The two-day Information Security Summit itself is Ohio’s most highly attended security conference in Cleveland.  Bob Bragdon,  Publisher of CSO Magazine’s keynote discussed why security is a boardroom issue now and the steps enterprises can take to make security real.  “Does this mean we can do real security now,” challenges Bragdon.  It reminded of a recent Twitter Chat #ChatSTC on the topic of creating a culture of Cybersecurity from the Break Room to the Board Room.

Containers are the new platform of Enterprise IT.  Check out Dan Kuznetsky’s take on how Red Hat combines containers and microservices in interesting ways.  The Microservices Day that I hosted in Minneapolis recently was attended by over 120 next-generation IT enthusiasts who were there to interact with key contributors and committers in the open source community—all of whom are employees of Red Hat.  Red Hat disrupts the open source engine by having employees provide technical leadership in the community as well as selectively hardening innovative software and making it enterprise grade to enable mission critical solutions for customers.

The same Red Hat is bringing the first ever User Group to Cleveland.  The topics being covered are the forward thinking concepts including containers, microservices using technologies like Docker.  Every company is a technology company including KeyBank (also a financial institution of great repute) – who will be sharing their experience using container platforms.  Microsoft, a strategic partner of Red Hat will be presenting on deploying Red Hat solutions on Azure – talk about innovative interoperability.  Needless to say, the User Group will also have sessions on Red Hat technologies that provide today’s enterprises an option to modernize with the backing of a powerful ecosystem of innovation.  An option that makes their IT relevant.

And why not Cleveland, I say!  Tis’ about time.

Please click here to register for the first ever Red Hat User Group in Cleveland at a location in the West Side of Cleveland.  East Siders are welcome too, by the way!  For you see, Red Hat is all about interoperability!

Participate in Red Hat Summit 2017

Celebrate innovation and knowledge at the world’s leading open source technology event. Red Hat is seeking session content and award nominations to help promote and award IT open source expertise and success at Red Hat® Summit 2017.


Call for content now open:

Share your expertise with thousands of IT professionals from a variety of industries. Submit your original idea for a Red Hat Summit session. The deadline is December 2.

Red Hat Innovation Awards:

Know a leader in IT and open source innovation? Nominate an individual or company to win a 2017 Red Hat Innovation Award recognizing their creative thinking, determined problem solving, and open source innovation. The deadline is November 9.

Women in Open Source Awards:

Nominations are open for the 2017 Women in Open Source award. Recognize women making an impact today.

Red Hat Summit sponsorship opportunities now available
Recruitment of partner sponsors for the 2017 Red Hat Summit has begun. Partners of all types from all geographies are encouraged to participate as sponsors, exhibitors and speakers at the event. In 2016, we had record-setting attendance and over 103 partner sponsors at Summit. We look forward to expanding the partner presence in 2017 with your help! Partners interested in sponsoring and exhibiting at Summit may contact sponsorships@redhat.com or complete the Sponsor Interest web form.


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