Taking the FUD out of private cloud and OpenStack

Even though it’s been around since 2000, with technology like OpenStack, there’s a lot of hype (and fear, uncertainty, and doubt–or FUD) to weed through. Is OpenStack being used in production? Is public cloud the new cloud?

Margaret Dawson, head of global product marketing at Red Hat, started her Building a private cloud with OpenStack Summit session saying she would arm us with “ways to combat the hype in the marketing, ways to justify why you want to use OpenStack, and real-world examples of OpenStack deployments.”

What is OpenStack?

A modular, open-source software platform for cloud computing with components that manage resources or compute, networking, and storage. In IT parlance, it’s private cloud, or Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).

Why should you care?

  • Private cloud computing is the #1 major IT initiative planned for completion in 2016 by Red Hat customers
  • OpenStack is the leading private cloud technology (40% of Red Hat customers polled plan on launching OpenStack POC or production deployment)

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Red Hat system management vision and strategy

Joe Fitzgerald, Red Hat’s vice president of management and security, took us on a quick tour through the past, current, and future plans for one of the next frontiers: integrated, open management. Joe has more than 30 years of system management experience; a dozen of those as an open source supporter. With a few management paradigm shifts under his belt, he takes the coming changes in stride. But first, a little context.

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Red Hat Certification update, changes, & roadmap

Red Hat’s certification program will celebrate its 15th year of helping IT professionals prove their skills and knowledge through rigorous, hands-on testing. In this session, we’ll discuss changes and additions to this program in support of Red Hat’s growing emerging technology portfolio, including new architect-level certifications. We’ll also discuss planned changes for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.

Red Hat Certified Professionals (RHCPs) are especially encouraged to attend but everyone with an interest in Red Hat’s certification program and its new directions is welcome.

Real-world perspectives: Innovation Award finalists

Join the 2014 Red Hat Innovation Award finalists to learn how they use Red Hat solutions to stay ahead of the evolving IT curve. With 5 industries represented, you’ll hear about about various technology challenges and solutions. Learn how each of the winning organizations teamed with Red Hat to modernize and scale their infrastructures while saving costs.

Red Hat & OpenStack: The partner ecosystem advantage

Are you looking to modernize your IT infrastructure with a more flexible framework that can adapt to the changing global environment? Are you looking for not just the technology but the assurance that the solutions you select have been jointly tested, certified, and are fully supported by the vendors delivering the solutions?

The Red Hat OpenStack Cloud Infrastructure Partner Network brings together industry-leading partners to provide best-in-class solutions so our joint customers can realize the benefits of open hybrid cloud architectures, including flexibility, interoperability, and cost savings.

Join the discussion as our partners and customers address the advantages, technologies, and considerations behind deploying an OpenStack-based cloud for your business.

Building open clouds with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, OpenStack, & IBM

Cost, scalability, and security are key considerations when delivering cloud services. Cloud service providers building public and private clouds need to keep infrastructure cost down in order to price competitively, and must ensure stellar security and scalability in multi-tenant environments. Open technologies, such as OpenStack, Linux, and Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM), help deliver on these requirements for open clouds. And, infrastructure matters. That’s why open clouds run on IBM systems.

In this panel, industry experts will discuss:

  • When and how to use open components to build competitive cloud services.
  • The usage of KVM, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, and OpenStack with IBM hardware and software in enterprise virtualization and cloud initiatives, covering who is using it and where and how it’s being used.
  • Business benefits being realized with KVM, OpenStack, Red Hat, and IBM technology.
  • The widespread adoption of KVM.

Come prepared to ask questions and interact in this lively, interactive discussion.

Innovation of the people, by the people, for the people

Learn how the transformation to virtualized and cloud-based services is shaping the way the government does business. In this panel, thought leaders and innovators from across the public sector will share information about the new IT architectures taking shape. Their conversation will center around the use of Red Hat technologies and Red Hat’s open hybrid cloud vision. The discussion will include information about:

  • How public sector customers are shaping the next generation of data services.
  • The benefits of cloud computing and an open approach.
  • Developing and deploying applications in a secure Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) environment with OpenShift by Red Hat.
  • What role virtualization and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) layers play as the government moves to the cloud.
  • How APIs can be used to create unique solutions for challenging requirements.
  • Experiences building hybrid IaaS clouds with open source technology.
  • Strategies that are being used to manage large virtualization, IaaS, and PaaS environments.