Open Source Stories: What is Penn Manor?

A film about empowering high school students to run their own open source PC helpdesk

Last year we premiered a special short film at Red Hat Summit called “Penn Manor.” Summit attendees helped us make a splash with this emotional story about how open source principles are changing the lives of students at Penn Manor High School. Since then, the program has grown and the film has received more views, accolades, and support from the open source community.

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Open Source Stories short film series continues at Red Hat Summit

e-NABLE: An open source design, a 3D printed prosthetic hand, and a very happy child

Not long ago, Richard Van As, a carpenter in need of a prosthetic hand, had an idea. He contacted a special effects artist and puppeteer, and began working on a prototype that would revolutionize how prosthetics are made for young adults. What came of that idea—an affordable, 3D printed prosthetic that moves and articulates like a robotic hand—simply would not exist without the collaborative work of a team of dedicated open source makers.

We felt this was open source thinking at its best. So we made a movie about it.

Stop by the Open Source Stories Theater at Red Hat Summit (Moscone West, Level 3) to see our award-winning short, e-NABLE: Open technology, faster progress.

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Summit sneak peek: Open Source Stories

Open source hits the big screen

Open source was popularized long ago with Linux, but it’s everywhere now. And it’s doing more than helping companies innovate.

From cancer support groups and maker movements to food production and citizen-run government apps, open development has grown into the default innovation model for the 21st century, affecting every facet of life.

What are Open Source Stories?

With Open Source Stories, Red Hat documents and celebrates the impact of open source on everyday lives. It could be an open healthcare initiative that calls for a universal medical data hub.Or a high school program that empowers students to operate a laptop help desk. Or a foundation that turns open source 3D printing into prosthetic hands for children. From global movements to individual accomplishments, we shine a light on the people who are bringing open source thinking from tech and business out into the world.

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Open Source Stories: e-NABLE: open technology, faster progress

If you were an attendee who set off on the Red Hat Summit 5k run this morning at 6:00 a.m., kudos to you. I’m not a fan of anything but a cup of coffee and some sweet silence that early in the morning. But this morning was different. Red Hatters and attendees, including some of the people in the Penn Manor Open Source Story who are attending Summit this week, paid the entrance fee or gathered sponsors and laced up their running shoes. With help from the Greater Boston CVB, they raised a total of $4,868.44.

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Open Source Stories Penn Manor: The power of open in education

Tonight we saw how open source extends into the world beyond software. Charlie Reisinger, IT director for the Penn Manor school district–with the help of a collaborative team of teachers, administrators, and students–helped bring an open educational model and a 1:1 laptop program to Penn Manor High School.

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Open Source Stories premiere at Summit 2015

As the Creative Strategy + Design team geared up for Summit this year we came across some inspiring open source stories with help from the folks at We were so moved by all of the different ways open source can be woven into the world that we jumped at the opportunity to make some of the stories into short documentary films.

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